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Chianti Superiore DOCG 2019 BIO

Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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Vintage 2019


TYPE: dry red.


PRODUCTION AREA: Tuscany, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle


CHARACTERISTICS OF THE VINTAGE: arid winter, very rainy April and May, hot summer interrupted by two thunderstorms. September with sunny days and almost cold nights that allowed a gradual ripening of the grapes and an extraordinary synthesis of aromas.


GRAPES: Sangiovese with small additions of grapes authorized in Tuscany


HARVEST: From 27 to 30 September manual harvest with selection of the bunches in the vineyard to pick only the grapes with the same level of ripeness. This involved repeated passages in the same vineyards and allowed the entire production to be vinified separately and optimally. In the cellar, a further selection of the grapes (mechanical and manual) was carried out on the sorting table.


VINIFICATION: healthy and ripe bunches. Very small caliber grapes. Perfectly lignified grape seeds. Excellent Ph and content of extractable polyphenols. The vinification was regular: 10 days of alcoholic fermentation followed by 15 days of maceration in contact with the grape skins.


QUANTITY PRODUCED: 45,000 bottles


COLOR: bright ruby red


BOUQUET: rich in references to small ripe red fruits such as cherry, blackberry, blueberry. Floral suggestions that concern above all the violet. The aroma is fine, clean, complex, rich in nuances.


TASTE: it has the typical and traditional elements of Chianti due to the good acid structure that promises longevity, silky tannins and excellent flavor. In the mouth it is satisfying, harmonious and with a very pleasant persistence.


ANALYSIS: 14% alcohol vol; B.C. Tot 5.29 g / l, ac. Volatile 0.56 g / l, so2 tot 88 mg / l.


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATION: Chianti Superiore is a gastronomic wine that is, it was born to accompany food. It is very versatile and goes well with typical Italian dishes based on pasta, meat, cheeses or cured meats but also fusion cuisine or other cultures such as non-spicy Chinese dishes or Indian ones such as Vindaloo veal or Tandoori chicken.


TABLE SERVICE: room temperature (18-20 ° C), white and tulip-shaped crystal goblet glasses.


AGING CAPACITY: 4-5 years after that of the harvest. Keep the bottles lying down, in the dark and cold