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Refosco Veneto IGT 2018

Serena Wines 1881

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Grape variety used: Refosco

Area of origin: Veneto

Serving temperature: 13 ÷ 15 ° C

Red grape variety particularly widespread in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. Historical references reveal that it was already known around 1700 in these lands, although it is thought that the Romans already cultivated it under the name of Racimulus fuscus.

Refosco has an intense ruby red color, not very alcoholic, with a vinous and fruity aroma, with a slightly herbaceous and wild flavor.

Slightly aged, Refosco is refined by taking on high quality aromas and aromas and garnet reflections.

Pairings: It goes well with cured meats, baked meats, red meats, game