Fattoria Querciarossa

A hill full of light, "resplendent", an expanse of vineyards with two enormous oaks in the centre: we are at the Querciarossa farm, between Magliano in Toscana and the sea of Talamone.

This is an enchanted place that has been inhabited since the dawn of history: in fact, it is here that finds dating back to the Bronze Age and the Rinaldone era have been found, with the Tomb of the Archer, right next to the cellar.

Then, near the vineyards, the Etruscans dug an entire necropolis out of the “limestone” stone, leaving many “cinnabar red” paintings.

Even the Romans built in these places: the remains of an entire Roman farm have been found, consisting of a manor house and other houses.

But the latest discovery is perhaps the most fascinating: the discovery of the remains of an ancient vineyard dating back to the Etruscan period.

Fattoria Querciarossa
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Fattoria Querciarossa
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