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The Serena Wines 1881 brand, known and appreciated all over the world, represents a safe, complete and high quality choice, ideal for hotels, restaurants and classy clubs. Leading brand in the world, this fine line includes different versions of Prosecco, both DOC and DOCG, sparkling and semi-sparkling wines as well as traditional white and red Veneto IGT wines. Sweet and rugged roads that wind through the centuries-old vineyards in the hills. Panoramas that still today can be recognized in the backgrounds of the works of art painted by immortal painters who lived in this territory made up of values and traditions, culture and history. Hills with unique views, steep climbs with rows of vineyards up to the last meter, the "banks" in dialect shaped by a patient work of centuries. Serena Wines 1881, a magical territory, beyond the plain there is the Serenissima Venezia, behind the Prealps and the Dolomites that protect the vineyards from the cold of the North. Here is the secret of these wines.

Serena Wines 1881
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