Valori - Società Agricola

The company “Call me when it rains” - Valori is a modern winery in step with the times, rooted in one of the best wine-making areas of Abruzzo, the Teramo Hills, where it extends over 14 hectares between the municipalities of Sant'Omero and Controguerra.

Founded by Luigi Valori in Sant'Omero in 1996, today it produces about 125,000 bottles a year for a total of 5 labels, including fresh wines and reserves, in which the native Abruzzo varieties predominate, with one significant exception.

We have made our banner of the utmost respect for viticulture and agriculture: “Call me when it rains” that is, when you cannot work in the vineyard - means rediscovering the need to live and cultivate according to nature, but not chasing bucolic ideals detached from reality.

We believe in a quality agriculture which, even before being organic, is sustainable for the environment, for the community and for the market and which bases its daily work on scientific research to obtain better efficiency, yields and environmental protection, contributing through excellent products to the diffusion of a sustainable lifestyle.

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