A continuous work philosophy, attentive and always devoted to respect for nature

A 40 year long passion

Capichera is an Italian wine-making reality that rises in a corner of Sardinia, set among the granite rocks of Gallura, in Arzachena, in a unique and fascinating natural setting that is dripping with important and ancient traditions.  A family-run company that at the end of the 70s, following a great intuition, led to an important enological transition not only in Sardinia: it was the first winery to enhance with remarkable success the aging in barrique of Vermentino in purity , proposing a model based on a production of the highest quality and continuous research through a respectful and rigorous viticulture of the territory's identity, allowing this vine to reveal its great peculiarities and characteristics.  Many authoritative critics of the sector still affirm that the history of Capichera is the history of quality Vermentino.  Passion, the investment of large resources and the improvement of the production model over the years have defined new and high quality standards, with priority attention being paid to each vineyard and single plot, enhancing its characteristics.  This development process has led over time to obtain innovative and exclusive results not only on Vermentino but also on Carignano and Syrah, giving life to very high profile reds, strongly identifying the Gallura area and united by the same production philosoph.

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